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Relix (Work in progress) Update 5

Well, I’m going to put this project on hold for a while. No, I’m not quitting, I’ll be back to it eventually, I haven’t felt like working on it too much lately because it hasn’t turned out to be the way I wanted it to, I didn’t plan out the gameplay as much as I should’ve before I started the project, and as it stands right now I don’t have a very good feeling about it.

Here are some screenshots as it is right now:

I hope no one was looking forward to playing it anytime soon. I apologize if that’s the case.

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Relix (Work in progress) Update 4

Progress has been speeding up some more!
Addictive games have been… addictive, which resulted in me hardly working on Relix at all.
I don’t always feel like it coding, but I’m positive I’ll never just leave this project behind and start a new one, I’ve had this one planned for too long and I haven’t encountered any coding complications yet.

The Pause screen has been greatly changed since I last wrote about it (selections and options have been added to it), and I fixed a few more known glitches (still got a few more known glitches I’ll be fixing soon).

I plan on redesigning Felix (the eyeball/robot guy) soon.

New screenshots will be coming once I change the file select screen and add a title screen and do a few other things.
I have a good feeling about the rest of this week!

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