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9Blade: Shogen

It sure has been a while since I’ve posted here (that’s because I went through a lazy phase).

I’m back, with a new game in progresss.
No, I didn’t quit Relix, it’s still on hold, don’t worry. I’m positive I’ll work on Relix again eventually.

This new game is called “9Blade: Shogen”, and so far I’ve been doing swell with making the engine.
The character is nothing but a green cube at the moment, I haven’t gotten around to actually spriting a real character yet.
No screenshots yet, I’m not ready to release anything like that as none of the visuals are final.

This game will be: platformer/adventure/RPG/exploration.

So far I’ve got this done:

  1. Four different Inventories: USE, EQUIP, SKILL, SPECIAL
  2. Polished pause screen
  3. The ability to eat/drink USE items
  4. Smooth player movement
  5. Health, Mana, and Energy points (they have no actual effect on the player yet)
  6. The ability to walk up or down slopes

And that’s basically it so far. It may not sound like much but I’ve spent a good while working on it all.

Things I intend to add next:

  1. Three save files (with customizable color scheme and file name)
  2. Physical attacks
  3. The ability to equip/withdraw weapons
  4. The ability to equip/withdraw stat boosting under-armor
  5. The ability to equip/withdraw skill items
    (this will allow the player to do certain things that he wouldn’t normally be able to do; walljump; multi-jump; etc.)
  6. Uh… Other stuff

Screenshots will be up whenever I feel satisfied with the majority of the graphics.
Thank you to all who visit my website.

This game will be freeware, but I will be accepting donations upon its full release if anyone feels like supporting me and making me a happy camper.

P.S. P.S.
Why did I say happy camper. That just sounds stupid.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Progress has been going fairly smooth. I’ve gotten much done since I originally posted this, but I’ve scrapped a few of my old features and refurbished them which took some time (days, and still some more to come)

Expect an update with screenshots and information around Thanksgiving time.

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