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My current project

Relix (Work in progress) Update 5

Well, I’m going to put this project on hold for a while. No, I’m not quitting, I’ll be back to it eventually, I haven’t felt like working on it too much lately because it hasn’t turned out to be the way I wanted it to, I didn’t plan out the gameplay as much as I should’ve before I started the project, and as it stands right now I don’t have a very good feeling about it.

Here are some screenshots as it is right now:

I hope no one was looking forward to playing it anytime soon. I apologize if that’s the case.

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Relix (Work in progress) Update 4

Progress has been speeding up some more!
Addictive games have been… addictive, which resulted in me hardly working on Relix at all.
I don’t always feel like it coding, but I’m positive I’ll never just leave this project behind and start a new one, I’ve had this one planned for too long and I haven’t encountered any coding complications yet.

The Pause screen has been greatly changed since I last wrote about it (selections and options have been added to it), and I fixed a few more known glitches (still got a few more known glitches I’ll be fixing soon).

I plan on redesigning Felix (the eyeball/robot guy) soon.

New screenshots will be coming once I change the file select screen and add a title screen and do a few other things.
I have a good feeling about the rest of this week!

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Relix (Work in progress) Update 3

Progress has slowed down, I will no longer be updating every Sunday until I’ve either sped up production or I’ve had a decent amount of updates.

Things I added this week:

  1. Player knockback
  2. Pause screen
  3. Encryption on save files
  4. Player now has a way of telling whether he/she is invincible or not

Yeah. Not much, and no screenshots this week.


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Relix (Work in progress) Update 2

Been a long week, although I was a little bit lazy on the last few days, so progress didn’t go as fast as it could’ve.

Anyway here are the updates!

  1. Saving and loading system!
  2. Enemies!
  3. Slopes!
  4. Sky house which holds all of your items for you, you can transport to there at any time by pressing X!
  5. New coins!
  6. Experience/Level up system!
  7. Improved Heads Up Display!
  8. Playtime added!
  9. New Weapon!
  10. Added some sounds! (Still working on adding more)
  11. Added a “Game Over” type screen!
  12. Polished old features! (Added transitions, fixed all currently known bugs)

Now for the screenshots:

We’ll see how this new week goes, I’m hoping as good as this past one.


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Relix (Work in Progress) Update

It’s been a long few days for me.
I’ve added a few new things to Relix:

  1. Weapons!
  2. New pots!
  3. New coins!
  4. Health and regenerating MP!
  5. Chances to get “Lucky”!
  6. A few secrets I will not reveil!

Here are some pictures displaying the changes (click for full size):
Sword swinging

Obtaining new item!

Breaking pots in the weapon shack


Obviously there is still a lot more to be done. I need to add my story (written 2 years ago, along with most of my gameplay ideas).

This will (most likely) be my first official Indie Game. I’m looking forward to this next week.

I will update the wordpress with info on Relix every Sunday or Monday!

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Relix (Work in Progress)

I’m working on a  2D Platformer/Adventure/Hack ‘n’ Slash game called Relix
This will be hopefully be my first complete game ever, everything I’ve done in the past has either been an example game, tutorial game, test game, or abandoned project (Maybe I’ll give out a .zip containing every gmk I’ve ever made someday, minus a few that I’d rather not give out.)

It’s in VERY early stages right now but here are a few screenshots:
(Standing outside of the building)

(Walking into the building)

(Breaking pots!)

Anyway, I’d rather not write too much information about this game at the time, I still have a lot to do before I make any promises.

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Posted by on June 2, 2011 in 1. Relix