Bebop and Friends


Hello, I am Bebop.

I am an Indie Game Developer.

Currently I use Game Maker to work on my game(s).

Mainly what I love to do is program and pump-iron. I do both of those on every regular day of my life.

I also make graphics, compose some music, and write stories.

I have made example games for Trollsplatterer’s Website.

I am a member of YoYo Games.

I am a member of Game Jolt.

My Friends:

MelodiousRefractions  (Shawn):

Shawn is a music composer and indie game developer, him and I are great friends, and we both share most of the same interests, so I can see us being friends for a long time. He’s creative, artistic, and good at what he does. I respect Shawn and I’m confident him and I will get somewhere as Indie Game Developers. Special thanks to him will be given in all of my future games (Maybe credit for music too if he had a part in it!).

Peter Van Dyck :

Peter is a computer programmer who has made many examples and tutorials for his website.

If I ever get somewhere with my work, I will be sure to spread the name of his website, so everyone who is interested in learning Game Maker can appreciate the work he put into those examples and tutorials he has created.

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Relix (Work in Progress)

I’m working on a¬† 2D Platformer/Adventure/Hack ‘n’ Slash game called Relix
This will be hopefully be my first complete game ever, everything I’ve done in the past has either been an example game, tutorial game, test game, or abandoned project (Maybe I’ll give out a .zip containing every gmk I’ve ever made someday, minus a few that I’d rather not give out.)

It’s in VERY early stages right now but here are a few screenshots:
(Standing outside of the building)

(Walking into the building)

(Breaking pots!)

Anyway, I’d rather not write too much information about this game at the time, I still have a lot to do before I make any promises.

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